Hors D’oeuvres to be passed
Ahi tuna  by Dozen $ 24                
Served in a crispy wonton with sewed and Dijon mustard aioli.


Crusted Shrimp with Ecuadorian Quinoa                                           by dozen $ 18 
Served with Ecuadorian Tomatoes of tree sauce .

Tuna tartar with avocado      $ 24 

by dozen
Served in a small cup or crispy wonton.

Blue lump crab cake        $ 23

by dozen
Served with saffron tartar sauce.

Mini lobster Peruvian Causa     $ 20

by dozen
Served with Peruvian aji Amarillo aioli.

Mini chicken Peruvian Causa     $ 18

by dozen
Served with Peruvian aji Amarillo aioli.

Toasted coconut Shrimp       $ 18 by dozen
Served with orange marmalade sriracha sauce

Salmon bite with passion fruit sauce $ 30

by dozen
Served in a Asian spoon.

Smoked Salmon tartar w/avocado  $  24

by dozen
Served in a crispy wonton or mini glass.

Our homemade Empanadas $ 24

By dozen

Beef, Chicken and Vegetarian, served with chimichurri sauce                          

Mini  beef, chicken and veggies quesadilla  $ 36

by dozen
Served with Sour cream and salsa


Our homemade Sliders

BBQ pulled chicken
Pulled pork


$ 4 each

Served we our fresh Cole slow  in a mini brioche.

Tip Tenderloin $ 4

in a mini buns with horse radish aioli

Mini Peruvian fish ceviche $ 3 each

Presented in a mini martini glasses

Caramelized onion Quiche  vegetarian 

$ 2 each

 gluten free

Ecuadorian Ceviche  $ 3 each
Served in a mini cups

Vegetarian Mini Quiche

With Caramelized onions Peppers and goat cheese 


Asian Chicken, beef and shrimp satay  $ 2 each
Served with our creamy peanut butter and cilantro sauce


         Salads & Soups

Mediterranean Salad              4 per person
Romaine and green leaf lettuce, Germany cucumber, tomatoes
black olives, Red onion,  artichoke hearts and balsamic dressing.

Composed Salad           4  per person
Red and green lettuce ,endive, radicchio, crumbled goat cheese
and candy 
Walnuts, with  balsamic vinaigrette.

Spinach leaves with strawberry 4 per person
With cayenne spiced pecans and fresh strawberries dressing.

Porcini  Caesar Salad               4 per person
With ciabatta  garlic croutons, and Parmesan cheese
Served with porcini Caesar dressing

Sonoma Salad          4 per person
Sonoma field greens with toasted spicy pecans, cheese,
Tomatoes and Germany cucumbers with Italian vinaigrette

Country Harvest salad     4 per person
Muscling lettuce, iceberg lettuce, spinach, 

tomatoes and  England cucumbers.
Served with balsamic dressing.

Italian Pasta Salad             4 per person                                                          

Penne pasta, red pepper, yellow pepper, green onions, parsley and

black olive, served with Italian dressing.


Main Courses

Beef tenderloin             27 Per person
Served with Merlot  reduction accompanied with

pear  shaped potatoes croquet , seared  asparagus and red and yellow pepper

Burgundy Beef tip tenderloin        26
Served With mushroom risotto, grilled tomatoes,

zucchini and squash with burgundy reduction and garden salad

Mar y Tierra            27 per person

seared salmon Served with russet potatoes Gratin, baby carrots,

seared asparagus Cabernet sauce  and Chianti  sauce.

Chimichurri Flank Steak           23
Served with cauliflower pure, baby carrots

and roasted asparagus and Caesar salad

Beef and chicken fajita                 20 per person

Served with Mexican rice,black beans, flour tortilla, sour cream ,cheese and salsa


Beef and chicken Cabob

Accompanied with rice pilaf , tzatziki sauce,  country harvest salad and balsamic dressing

Roasted Chicken Breast    20 per person
Accompanied with saffron vegetables orzo,

roasted red pepper, Greek salad and balsamic dressing

Chicken Picatta             20 per person                                                                           Served with farfalle pasta, steamed broccoli and country harvest salad with balsamic dressing.

Chicken Marsala                 20 per person
Served with fresh pasta, seared asparagus and Caesar salad

Citrus pork loin             20 per person
Served with potato gratin ,roasted vegetables and garden salad with 

Salmon with Bisque Lobster Sauce                                        26 per person
Served with steamed basmati  rice, vegetables, 

wrapped in eggplant ,garden salad and ranch dressing

Seared tilapia with three color peppers                               20 per person
Served with Yukon mashed potatoes, blanched broccoli and Caesar salad

Pistachio Crusted tilapia     22
Accompanied with tomato garlic caper sauce, pear  shaped potatoes croquet ,

red and yellow peppers, garden salad and ranch dressing



Chocolate Charlotte 4

Served with French vanilla sauce.

Our homemade cheese cake Flan 4

Served with fruit, whipped cream and fresh mint.

Mango Charlotte 4

Served with passion fruit sauce

Passion fruit Charlotte 4

Served with mango sau

Crème Volteada 4


Corporate Breakfast

Fresh cracked scrambles eggs $5 person

Roasted breakfast potatoes $ 3 per person

Bacon   two slices                   $ 2  per person

Beef sausage two pieces      $ 3 per person

Turkey sausage two pieces   $ 3 per person

Hot Breakfast sandwich

Served in a ciabatta bread with onions a peppers, with a choice meat




Burritos Bar

Soft tortilla filled with onions, peppers, beans ,served
with a choice of meat sour cream and salsa




Beans and cheese


Homemade individual quiche

With choice of meat $ 4 each






Homemade Croissant

Big croissant with a filled of $ 4 each

Bacon and cheddar

Chorizo and cheddar

Spinach and feta

Chicken and cheddar


Daily Fresh Bagels

Served with a plain cream cheese

Chive cream cheese

Orange marmalade                   $ 3 each

Our signature daily muffins

Daily homemade with a topping of $ 3 each

Banana nuts

Morning Glory

Blue berry


Our fresh baked assorted pastry

Peach, blue berry, raspberry and chocolate

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Slice assorted fruit mix $ 3 per person

Pineapple, water melon, honeydew, grapes and melons

Corporate Sandwich menu


Our Signature Sandwich Selection: $ 9

1-Seared beef tip tenderloin, accompanied with lettuce, tomatoes and chimichurri sauce, served in grilled ciabatta bread.

2-Roasted pork loin, accompanied with mustard aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, served in a grilled ciabatta bread.

3- Fresh roasted turkey accompanied with fresh cranberry sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, served in whole grain bread.

4- Seared chicken, accompanied with mustard aioli, onions and peppers, served in grilled ciabatta bread.

5- Seared chicken salad, accompanied with mustard aioli, lettuce and tomatoes, served in a choice of bread.

6- tuna salad , accompanied with citrus red onions, lettuce and tomatoes, served in a multigrain bread.

7- Caprese , accompanied with pesto aioli, fresh mozzarella, basil, and Roma tomatoes. Served in a

8- Sautéed vegetables , accompanied with honey mustard aioli, lettuce and tomatoes, served in a Grilled ciabatta bread.

9- Italian, accompanied with Italian dressing, ham salami and pastrami ,served in a  plain wrap.

10- Triple Club, accompanied with mayonnaise, fresh roasted turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, served in a Grilled ciabatta bread.

11- Porkito picoso, fresh pulled pork with a citrus cole slow and jalapano, served in a choice of wrap.